The church of St John the Evangelist in Ravenna

In Ravenna, near the railway station, stands the Basilica of San Giovanni Evangelista, erected in the first half of the 5th century by the will of Empress Galla Placidia.
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The Museums of Ravenna

Ravenna offers visitors numerous opportunities to discover its thousand-year history. The well-known UNESCO monuments, which preserve mosaics dating back to the 5th and 6th centuries, are complemented by a series of interesting museum collections that show the various phases of Ravenna's history.
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Camaldoli and St Romuald

Camaldoli is the last hermitage founded by Saint Romuald before his retreat to Valdicastro, where he will pass away some time later.
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The Early Christianity

Inside the basilicas of Ravenna, not only the mosaics but also other objects and furnishings evoke the liturgies of the early centuries of Christianity.
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The “Dantean” area of Ravenna

The 'Dantean' area celebrates the history of Dante Alighieri in Ravenna, where he spent the last period of his life and was buried.
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St Romuald from Ravenna

The saint from Ravenna, scion of a distinguished local family, will be the founder of the Camaldolese order.
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